How to be Fashionable on a budget (Slay on a budget)


I have to admit it feels very exciting to be back to this space although am nervous and clueless at the same time 😌,now straight to what I have install for you.

When the word fashion comes up,alot of things go through our minds it maybe style,trend,outfit, unique and many other things that could be likened to fashion.Am going to share with you few tips on how you can slay your outfits,step up your fashion game without even spending much (on a budget):

*Revamping old clothes: Revamping old clothes simply means to renew or improve your old clothes.We can attest to the fact that there are some clothes we have probably locked in our bags or kept aside far from the clothes we are currently wearing because we feel it is out of fashion,now you can actually make something good out of those clothes,if you are clueless about it you can check out videos on YouTube and yesss Pinterest is there to help you,if you don’t have this app I would advise you download it, it’s a sure guide trust me. You can also visit my account on Pinterest here ;I have a saved board that would help.

Picture : Pinterest
Picture: Pinterest
Edit:Mua 🤭

*Patronizing thrift stores:Am a big fan of thrift wears,I patronize them and I think they are unique funny enough most people feel thrift wears are inferior or has no class which I very much object is commonly called ‘OK’. In my school it is called”Obiala”(Things for sell)but for English sake I will be using the word”thrift”

Here are the list of thrift stores I know you can check them out on Instagram

*Curatedbyzayn *Thriftbymaama *Thriftbymai

So far this all I know ,I would love to hear from your view on this. If you have other tips on this topic feel free to share,bye✋

Happy Slaying😁



I am Laura

“WHO AM I”? this is practically a question that might have gone through our minds or rather we find ourself asking,now most times we arrive at the perfect answer on our own,some even get their answers based on what they heard people say about them, maybe our friends, parents,relations neighbours…… Our thoughts about ourself determines what we would become,Proverbs 23 vs 7:As a man thinketh in his heart so is he. Now who we are in this aspect is not just about our name,career,where we are from,our family,race…there is more to that

Sometimes our experiences in life feeds us with wrong information about our identity,we all go through rough times and trust me I have been through it,I started growing up with the thought that I couldn’t do anything meaniful.I knew I was timid and shy(more like an introvert) and I so hated that aspect of me,I wanted to be jovial like others,talk boldly like my mates engage in discussions without being afraid,I tried not once,not twice either but many times.I kept wondering why I was that way. I listened to everything my classmates said about me they would even come asking me questions..why are you quiet?,You are so cold,You don’t talk,Are you shy? and so many others.I can even remember a family pastor once prohesied that I was going to bring shame to my family now I just concluded that I was no good,i was so afraid to do anything like I defined myself with everything going on in my life so I thought “I have no value,am so worthless”.👈That was the way Laura saw herself and honestly it wasn’t healthy at all,I had to go through words of encouragement,I read motivational books,listened to messages my Bible helped alot,with time I started seeing myself a different way. It’s not difficult,you can also change the way you see yourself (if negative)like I did.

Now I know I was born to shine,am so sure of who I am and what I want to be,I know how important I am to the society,I know am God’s favourite…What do you think about yourself?,if you think low of yourself there is no way you would succeed,to be great and live a happy and fulfilled life realizing who you are is necessary.Also positive thoughts,yield positive actions which yields positive results.Be positive about yourself,very important!!!

Thanks for reading😁😁,I would love to know your view on this.Bye

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